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Single Page Single Column Designs

All of the single page single column templates on this page have been modified to Reponsive Web Design.

They have been tested at the sites listed below and score 100 across the board on Google Pagespeed Insights.

They also score well at GTmetrix.

The templates are HTML5 and CSS3 compliant.

**Test them yourself at Google Mobile Friendly and PageSpeed Insights.

Then try doing the same with the other free templates you find; or even the ones you pay for.

Note: We don't support the idea of themes as it relates to content. We use generic images.

These templates are entry level RWD. Learn the basics before you try tackling some of the javascript laden crap that's out there.


Responsive Web Design
Beginner or Novice

Template #001Template #002 demonstrates an easy method of swapping pre-scaled generic images. Four images of different sizes are used. Media queries are used at various break points to swap images that are a better fit for the width of the screen.

The embedded stylesheet is commented to show each step in the process.

If you are a novice designer and want to learn the basics of responsive web design, this is the template you want to start with. Single column designs are a good choice for learning the basics.

Also demonstrated: How to use media queries to restructure a drop down menu for cell phone viewing.

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